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Newest 2012 April Fool’s Day Pranks and Tricks for Kids, Parents, Teachers, Brothers and Sisters Part 3

This is a beautiful and awesome collection of April fool day cute and funny pranks for 2012 for all age of kids and their parents. Amazing April fool day jokes & prank’s tricks that you can ever want to do with your parents, friends, boss and with teachers also….. Anyhow, I promise that you will really enjoy these kind of pranks when you will implement them. I am posting here these kind of funny & amazing April fool day pranks & tricks for 2012: Newest 2012 April Fool’s Day Pranks and Tricks for Kids and Parents and Teachers, 2012 New April Fool Day Jokes SMS Message Pranks & Tricks for You and Your Friends & Family, Latest New 2012 April Fool Day Pranks and Tricks for Friends and Family, Latest 2012 April Fool Day Pranks and Tricks for Offices and Colleges and University, New April Fool Day Pranks and Tricks For Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

– Stuff some cotton wool into the toes of his favorite shoes.
– He will think his feet grew or his shoes shrank.

– Glue his shampoo bottle or deodorant’s cap
– so that it can’t open and make sure it’s the only bottle in the bathroom!

– Coat a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry.
– Then put it into the shower …

– Unscrew the shower head
– and put some Kool-Aid Drink Mix powder behind the filter.
– The victim will be surprised when a bright,
– sticky mess comes pouring down.

– Sew up the fly on the victim’s underwear.
– This trick works best when you know they’ll have to use a public restroom.

– Pour some cereal and milk into a bowl.
– Put the bowl into the freezer.
– The next morning take it out
– and pour a small amount of milk and few flakes of cereal on top.
– Then serve it to your brother and watch the struggle.

* Replace the liquid soap with syrup for sticky good pranks!

– Put toothpaste,
– shaving cream or baby powder on his fingers while he is asleep.
– Then tickle his nose.

– Know when he is likely to use the toilet?
– Rub some Deep Heat or any other type of warming Muscle Rub on the toilet seat!

– When you meet his girlfriend for the first time.
– Tell her, “Oh, you must be Gina” I have heard a lot about you.
– Even though you know her real name is Helen.

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