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Beautiful Love Friendship Lyrical Quotations & Friends Lyrical Love Sayings Forever – 2

A collection of Best Love Friend Lyrical Quotations all Time in the World, Famous & Beautiful Friendship Love Lyrical Sayings Forever, Inspirational and Famous DuDe Friendship Love Lyrics Quotes, Friendship Lyrics Quotes by Best English Authors, World’s Top Ten Best Friend Lyrical Love Quotations and many more other Love Lyrical Quotations for Friendship available only on www.Fun54.com

Quotes on Friendship

– Without you,
– there’d be no sun in my sky,
– there would be no love in my life,
– there’d be no world left of me.
    Leann Rimes

– Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes.
– A farewell is before you can meet again.
– And meeting again after a moment or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends.
    Richard Bach

* I get by with a little help from my friends.
    John Lennon

* Hey my friend, I see your eyes are troubled, care to sare your time with me?
    Dave Matthews Band

– You’ve got troubles,
– I’ve got ’em too.
– There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.
– We’ll stick together to see it through,
– cause you’ve got a friend in me.
    Randy Newman

* Best friends just won’t leave your side.

– Once upon a blue moon a wish apon a star,
– you find someone to help you find out who you are,
– I never thougth that love could feel the way you make me do,
– so as a token of our love,
– I say these words to you.
    Marty Keith

– Take my hand,
– and hold on tight,
– don’t let go,
– don’t you dare even try,
– there are so many roads to travel,
– so much still to find,
– and with the help of our Lord,
– I want you to help me try and reach for the sky.
    Marty Keith

– Thats what a friend is for,
– when your lost in darkness and searching for the light,
– to help you through those lonely nights,
– when everything around you fails just hold out your hand,
– and i’ll come running,
– thats what a friend is for.
    Marty Keith

– Earthyly friends may prove untrue,
– doubts and fears asail,
– but one still loves and he cares for you.
– One who will not fail.

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